About Qwizkids


  • To aide in the education of the students
  • Create an environment that is conducive to studying
  • Tutoring is Affordable
  • Mold the students’ habit of discipline together with their parents/guardians
  • Develop virtues like prudence, fortitude and temperance
  • Quality above All


  • Help in the Assignments of Students
  • Help in Advance Lessons
  • Do students reviewers for Quarterly Exams
  • Help in doing students projects (as long as all materials are provided)
  • Help the student excel in school


  • The company core values that we adhere to are the following:
  • QUALITY in our craft
  • WARMHEARTED personnel
  • INTEGRITY in doing our job
  • ZEAL and enthusiasm
  • KNOWLEDGEABLE in all subjects
  • INTELLIGENCE should be keen and creative
  • DEDICATED teachers/tutors
  • SINCERITY to our clients